Our review of Adrafinil Express


There have been a lot of rumors floating around lately about fake smart pills and nootropics being sold online. Even very popular compounds such as Adrafinil have not been immune to reports of adulterated products flooding the streets. Because of this, we have been super cautious about purchasing Adrafinil online, until we stumbled across a new up and coming retailer who seems to get things right.

Our first interaction with Adrafinil Express was a couple of months ago when we reached out to them. We wanted to get the low down on their product and figure out for ourselves if they were offering the real deal or not.

To do this, we made sure to request a COA, or certificate of analysis. This is a crucial document that you NEED to get a copy of before you buy Adrafinil or any other brain supplement. This is basically a third part test that is performed to make sure the label claims live up to what they say. Anyways, Adrafinil Express provided this for us and we were satisfied.

We placed an order and were amazed at how fast the company shipped out our order. We have been using their Adrafinil capsules for about 3 months now and have defiantly noticed an increase in energy as well as focus. If you are on the fence about using this, give Adrafinil Express a try. Be sure to reach out to us if you have any other questions!


… to Sac Scene’s news-wire blog where we intend to bring you all things medical. This week’s post focuses on the supplement industry and whether Jo Public should be using supplements.

What are supplements?
These are substances that one can eat and/or drink. They can be anything from minerals to vitamins, to amino acids, plant extracts… quite literally anything. The forms they come in also vary: capsules, tablets, liquids, solids are all available depending on the supplement you choose. What is important to remember is that supplements should only add to a diet… they should not replace natural, nutritious food. Further more, please feel to contact us, should you need any advice or guidance on any supplements you are taking and/or are considering to take — we will be happy to help.

Supplements are readily available in most countries, especially this one. Pop down to the local mall and visit one of the many food and health shops and you will be spoiled for choice. In fact, vendors don’t stop there and, should you want or need to, you will be able to find these products in supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, the world-wide web, and even in most gymnasiums! Availability is beyond abundance!

The most widely-sold products are those used for vitamin and mineral boosting… people often use these products for health reasons. Most common of all are vitamin C supplements. These products sell more than all other products combined. The reason for this is probably mostly due to good marketing… but it’s also due to the fact that vitamin C is one of the few vitamins that our bodies can’t store. Also popular among fitness enthusiasts is Omega-3, which is a fancy term used to describe anything that provides our bodies with the three-fatty amino acids that we cannot synthesis through metabolism.

An interesting fact is that producers of these products are legally prohibited from stating that their products can cure, prevent, and or alleviate disease! What can be said is that they can be a contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle and general well being.

These things are new either. Did you know that, in one form or other, supplements have been around for a millennia! The ancients used them for pretty much the same reason we do… to treat illness and health-related issues. Sometimes… our supposedly modern medicine is based on old medicine and plant extracts! In fact, medicine companies spend billions of dollar trying to figure out why certain plants have the healing properties that they do.

Medical science brings us wonderful products like, Adrafinil (we recommend you check this stuff out). We’ll leave you on that thought — be sure to check back for future posts.